Greg Gust

Cost For My Service

Rings found on land, on the sand beach, or under water will be on a reward basis (Finders Fee with a $30 fee for gas within 30miles from Brayton if ring is not found.) The farther I drive the more it costs for mileage if item is not found. Also, I allow 2hrs for recovery. If you decide you want me to search longer than 2 hrs there will be a charge of $20. per hour plus Finders Fee or mileage if item is not recovered.

The sooner you call, the quicker your sentimental ring can be recovered. Remember Gold is at an all time high so the sooner you contact me, the sooner I find it before someone else does while out metal detecting (they may scrap it).

Search Types

I have detected Parks, House Yards, Old Farm sites, Beaches, in the water to 4 1/2 feet deep, in the snow, in ditches along highways and roads. Items I have detected—Gold Rings, Diamond Rings, Gem Stone Rings, Silver Rings , Chains, Bracelets, Property Pins, Hearing aids (very little metal) Silver coins, Old coins, keys, Farm equipment parts, septic tanks, culverts under roads, from just under the surface to 3' deep (culverts and septic tanks) in the ground.

Search Locations

Brayton, Iowa which is 70 miles west of Des Moines Ia. and 60 miles east of Omaha Ne, mainly the Western ½ of Iowa --- But will go to these other areas: NW Missouri – Eastern Nebraska. – SE South Dakota or any where you want me to go if time can be arranged.

Greg Gust's Bio

Began metal detecting in 1970. Debbie and I became a White's and Tesoro Detector Dealers in 1982, Garrett and Fisher dealers in 1985. Became a water hunter in 1990 have found 100's of Gold Rings and 1000's of coins. (I have returned dozens of Gold Rings).

Also in 1990, I started Greg's Treasure Recoveries Service. I will personally match the metal detector to the type of Treasure to be found. Have several different metal detectors that I used in locating different metallic items.

I like to keep my equipment updated every few years, therefore, I have to purchase New and different accessories to make locating your items easier. So a Finders Fee is needed if I am to continue this service.

If there is a metal detector you are thinking about purchasing, email me with your questions. I will help you with the information I have on the detector. Can match the type of Treasure Hunting you want to do with the metal detector for the best results. 712/549-2410

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