Constantine Hatzis

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis only if your item is found, but I have a call out fee of £20 within a 40 mile radius. Beyond this will be discussed.

Search Types

I will search for lost items, be it a ring , jewelry , keys or lost family treasure etc. Or anything that is made of metal wanted or unwanted.

I will search in most locations including shallow water, be it your garden, private land or public land.

If on private land you will need to gain permission from the landowner or local authority . I am an NCMD member and operate within their code of conduct.

Search Locations

Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Constantine Hatzis's Bio

I have been metal detecting for about six years now and find it a fascinating hobby and often go out on digs with my local club .

So I thought I would put my detectors to good use trying to recover peoples lost items.

I am a welder by trade building MRI scanners, and also a keen engineer, so I have an interest in metals from all aspects.

I hope my service will reunite you with your cherished lost items.

Many Thanks,