Dave Love

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Your generosity for my services as I will do my very best to locate your item. I have a local call out fee of $25 which is required upon my arrival to your location. If the search location requires me to travel more than 30 miles round trip, the call-out fee may be greater and must be agreed upon in advance. Everything will be in writing so there are no surprises.Where required, all searches are performed with permission by property owners and/or proper authority. Fees for Law Enforcement, Investigative, Businesses and Insurance companies will be negotiated prior to my services. If searching fields or wooded areas for unknown treasures;the findings will be split in half.

Search Types

search many types of terrain such as yards, wooded areas, fields,public parks providing I am given permission by the park ranger, and beaches to include water up to approximately 2 feet in depth. If your lost item is located on private property, it will be your responsibility to obtain written permission from the property owner prior to conducting the search.

Search Locations

Maryland,Anne Arundel County,Glen Burnie. I am willing to discuss travel to any location outside of 20 miles.

Dave Love's Bio

Married for 20 years and have only lived in Maryland. I have been metal detecting on both land in shallow water during the years as a weekend hobby.Family oriented and started metal detecting as a hobby around 20 or so years ago in my spare time. Since that time I had not shared my acquired metal detecting skills with anyone.I am now ready to assist you and to banish that hopeless feeling of ever recovering your lost items.Time has no barring on my ability to locate your lost item as I have have recovered items that have been underground for over 50 years,even after a snow fall I still pull through. My passion for the "search find mission" drives my success.