Eric Giannunzio

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My cost would be proportionate to the item and distance and what the customer can afford. no set fee-since more to help people than to get rich.

Search Types

I search in water and land -specifically older properties,camps and public land/parks and beaches,rivers ponds etc

Search Locations

I live in Niagara WI 54151-I would be willing to travel within a 100 mile radius since I already travel the state and country wide for the thrill of the hunt!!

Eric Giannunzio's Bio

I have been detecting on and off for about 30 yrs,my father was big into detecting since the 70's when silver coins were stopped and then silver soared to an all time high,Since I could remember I would help retrieve targets & help with fictional tales of the car got a flat, that's why we missed dinner we explained to Mom and not- we just had to dig one more more target.. It has been in my blood since i was a boy. I got my first detector when i was 8yrs old in 1983 for my birthday(i still have it too)And since that day, every time i switched to a different hobby I just kept coming back to metal detecting and have been a serious treasure seeker and metal detectorist for about 15+years, going whenever possible,day,night rain,sunny or otherwise.I have found over a 100 gold rings and many other valuable items including many things I have donated to local historical societies and museums.I am not looking for fame or praise,actually just the opposite, It is just something that is very interesting to me and has provided me with many relationships, stories and excitement & at this point in my life I just want to give back and help people that think there sentimental Item is lost forever. Believe me its not!!!