Gary Mullen

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Reward Based...You pay what you can afford and what it is worth to you if I find your lost item. There is a call-out fee of $30.00 which is required to cover my fuel costs even if I cannot find your property. If it is more than 50 miles round trip, the call-out fee may be greater and will be agreed upon in advance. Everything will be in writing so there will be no surprises. Where required, all searches are performed with the permission of the property owner(s), which is obtained by you, and assigned to me. 10% of your gift to me is donated to Shriners Hospital for Children; Philadelphia, PA and other Masonic Charities. For locating property pins please call and we can discuss my fee!

Search Types

Yards, land, beaches, and shallow water. If you lost it in the snow, call ASAP.

Search Locations

BERKS and neighboring counties...If in doubt ASK ME!

Gary Mullen's Bio

I have been metal detecting for 30+ years; mostly as a fun hobby, but have also helped many people find property markers, lost jewelry, car keys, and basically anything metal. I always do my best to find lost property and return it to you, for that is my ultimate reward! It should be understood that my search and success in finding your property is based on the investigative information that I ask you, and the information that you provide to me. Every lost item has a story behind it; however, that story stops until it is found again.