John Cookson

Cost For My Service

Fuel expenses ie in Cheshire area £10 for 30 miles the sercvice is free.

Search Types

Lost personal items, Keys, Car keys, Jewellery, Phones, Cameras or expensive lost farm machinery items, iron contaminants cleared like barb wire etc that can damage farm machinery i.e. metalic. on Farm lands, Landowner grounds, Estates, Private gardens, shallow water, other grounds with landowner permission.

I can also recover historical treasures or items of interest relating to your property, Farm or Estate that you didnt know you had and present them in a fine display case on a 50% share basis. I have a permit for crown beaches, all searches in accordance with the UK treasure act 1996 and NCMD code of conduct.

Search Locations

Cheshire & Surrounding Areas...

John Cookson's Bio

I am a retired gentleman and have been metal detecting for 7 years and love the hobby of finding historical items and recording them in the correct manner for all to see, however I have had chance to find peoples lost property and to see thier faces when you find it its very satisfiying, Its a gift to have this ability to be able to find the impossible needle in a haystack. I have the latest detecting equipment and the experience to find your lost treasured item or keys phone etc as long as its metalic I will do my best as a honest trustworthy person that I am.

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