Joseph Bolognese

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Please contact me so I may consider the variables and the tasks at hand! There maybe a nominal call out fee if k.o.

Search Types

sand/land/water/snow or the mix of all! (scuba certified).

Search Locations

Primarily in Las Vegas: however will consider ventures elsewhere in southern Nevada and Arizona .

Joseph Bolognese's Bio

I'm the proud father and husband of ladies whom are science teachers! So I'm always learning and in turn, like to teach others...

What you will receive from me is ; Honesty, professionalism and discretion.

My closing remark is you may of already had a loss, let's not compound it with more time and wasted efforts. Let's use technology, skill and perseverance, and maybe a little kindness from lady luck; this may be your best bet in Vegas.