KR Wilson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Cost for my service; I work on a reward basis. That is, what you think my service was worth to you. There is a call out donation of $25.00 to cover my expense for gas etc. There will not be any call out donation for Law Enforcement, and Disabled Veterans with the proper ID.

Search Types

Lost rings, watches, jewelry, coins along with your family treasures.

Search Locations

Muskegon, Michigan spring summer and fall month.

Winter months Jan. Feb and March Gulf Shores, Alabama. Western Michigan area. Beaches, woods, water, camping areas, parks and construction site. If it is property is private, you will have to obtain written permission from the land owner that you can transferable to me.

I willing to go outside of this area by arrangement to help you find your lost items.

KR Wilson's Bio

I have been detecting of about 5 years. I have been successful detecting in Alabama beaches, Florida beaches and here in Michigan. I have recovered gold and silver rings, watches, jewelry and many coins

I started detecting with a Old White Coin Master. I have worked my way up to using a Mine Lab X-Terra, a Garrett AT Pro, and a Fisher for deep and salt water.

I'm retired so I have lots of time for detecting. If you need help finding you lost jewelry I would like to help. I enjoy watching the smiles on people's face when I find your lost treasures. If I can be of any help please give me a call I would like to help.