Mark Planeta

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Cost For My Service

Service is on a reward basis. You will only pay if your item is recovered. You pay what it is worth to you to have it found. Give me a call or an email and we can start as soon as possible.

*If the item is not located, a $25.00 Call out fee to help cover fuel & vehicle expenses is greatly appreciated.

Rechercher un type

Anywhere and any place that you have lost the item. I can search up to 5 feet standing in water, but if it is deeper there are other solutions. I guarantee you that I will try my best!

Rechercher un Emplacement

I will travel up to 100 km around the Oakville area. If further please contact me, and we will try to work something out!

Mark Planeta's Bio

I have metal detected in all kinds of conditions, and I enjoy the challenge. It is a great feeling to help others out!

I can’t wait to see your reaction, when I show you the item that you thought was lost forever!!