Pat Atchison

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will search for lost items on a reward basis. What its worth to you and you can afford. A $30.00 call out fee is levied if the item cannot be located, this covers my basic fuel costs. Estate search fees can be agreed upon in advance. Travel outside of the mountain areas surrounding Big Bear Valley shall incur nominal additional fees.

Search Types

Lost jewelry, historical relics, family keepsakes, coinage of all description, lost equipment, parts etc. Many clients have old properties and simply want to see what is there. Can search all land environments and shallow water. Client must provide written permission to search others property. I may be able to help with that.

Search Locations

Southern california mountains. Arrangement can be made for travel outside the Big Bear Valley.

Pat Atchison's Bio

I have 30 years gold mining and treasure recovery experience. I have recovered countless items in these mountain areas. I have taught both adults and youth to search and use the equipment properly. I enjoy what I do and do it very well. Also I have helped small gold mining operations with planning and equipment design and use.