Paul Davies

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

Depends; typically there is a flat fee in addition to a ring finding fee; Note that I cannot guarantee ring finding, but I have been very successful to date, I have FOUND every ring that was lost!

Note that my metal detector is available for RENT; contact me for further details.

Search Types

My focus is searching for rings & metal items underwater on scuba; max depth is 60'. I can also search for non-metal items in deeper depths if large in size. I will also search on land for any item.

Search Locations

My area of specialty is underwater and I also perform land searches. Search locations are most bodies of water (and land) that are located 4 hours from Toronto area. I will consider traveling further depending on the circumstances.

Paul Davies's Bio

I am very experienced scuba diver with over 20 years experience & 1000+ dives. I am also a technical diver & I teach. The underwater metal detector was purchased for a CBC/Outpost/Survivor man expedition in which we were looking for items lost in a river system during the fur trade.

I have owned my metal detector since 2009 & am very comfortable using it.