Paul Minton

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is based on Reward... You only pay if the item is found. However I do have a call out fee for the sum of £20 to cover fuel costs if its in the 40 mile radius. We must discuss the fuel cost for any search outside the 40 mile radius.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Yards, No water hunts.

Search Locations

(based on a 40 mile radius of Cardiff)

Paul Minton's Bio

Hi my name is Paul Minton and I have 15 years experience in metal detecting. I have joined The Ring Finders Directory to give people the comfort of knowing that what you lose is not always lost, and my job will be to try my very best to find your lost item and return it to you.

You have found ''The Ring Finders'' website because you have lost something precious to you! And you are looking for someway to find your lost item that carries a lot of sentimental value to you or a loved one.

I have had success with rings and other items that are lost and I hope that I can give you the help you are looking for in the recovery of anything that you have lost

Please don't hesitate to call, I'll be happy to answer any question you may have.