Richard Browne

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Gift Basis. This means that I will accept a Gift for an item returned that you feel is fair and can afford.

If the search area is “On-Cape” and I am unsuccessful in locating your item I do not expect any compensation.

If the search area is “Off-Cape” please contact me to discuss my gas expense (typically .15/mile round trip) if I am unsuccessful in finding your lost object.


Search Types

My search area of expertise is shallow water to a depth of 5 feet both fresh and salt year round; I do not scuba dive. I also search sandy beaches, fields, lawns and snow piles. If the search area is not a public area without restrictions on metal detecting a signed permission is required from the owner or proper authority of the property typically obtained by you and assigned to me.

Search Locations

I primarily search the waters of Cape Code and Southeastern Massachusetts. I am also available to search other areas of Southern New England. If I am not able to search your area immediately, I probably know someone that can help if the search area is in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Richard Browne's Bio

I'm recently retired and now live on Cape Cod. I have been detecting since 1982. I have returned hundreds of lost and found objects to their rightful owner while detecting around the world from the Pacific to the Mediterranean and the North Sea to the Caribbean. Over the past 20 years I have averaged 300 plus hours detecting per year. I am usually available year round and on short notice – the sooner I start a search the better the odds of success are.