Richard Wyatt

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My services are provided on a rewards basis. You pay what it's worth to you to have me find your lost ring and what you can afford. If I am unable to locate your lost item, there will be a fuel charge of $25.00 to cover my cost of travel. Please contact me to discuss travel cost for searches outside the Phoenix area.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Schools, Beaches, Lakes, and Private land and homesites with landowners permission. I have both land and water detectors and can search bodies of water up to 5 feet deep.

Search Locations

Phoenix metro and surrounding areas, but I am willing to travel up to 300 miles if requested.

Richard Wyatt's Bio

My goal is to help you find your lost rings or other valuable metals. I've been metal detecting and recovering lost items for almost 50 years. I have both land and water detectors to help in your search. I also assist in finding buried and hidden valuables that may have been misplaced or forgotten, No search is too small, however the more specific you can be to narrow the search area, the more likely of a successful recovery.