Robert Whitley

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Service:I work on a reward basis. If the item is found you pay what my services were worth to you for the lost and found item. If the Item is not found there will be a $20. Call Out Fee. Over the 50 mile radius could increase the Call out Fee. This is to cover my expenses of fuel, batteries, etc.. All searches are different. There may be additional cost factors. Insurance and Estate Searches are negotiated.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, fields, woods, lakes. Certified Scuba Diver, I will be limited to 10 feet deep with my current detector. You must secure permission if the object is on private property. Federal Land is off limits and Historic districts are only on private land and with owners position.

Search Locations

Any where in the Hampton Roads and surrounding area. I will go as far as a 100 mile radius if need be. Parks, fields, woods, lakes.

Robert Whitley's Bio

I am a long time resident in Smithfield Virginia. I have wanted to metal detect since I was a kid growing up, there is just something about finding something that is lost or hidden that has always piqued by curiosity. I have been in this hobby for about 3 years. If you have lost something that is valuable and personal to you, call me and let me help you find it.