Rodney Luttrell

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My service is provided on a “Reward Basis” that is that you pay what you feel it is worth to recover what may be of great sentimental or monetary value to you , If I don’t find it you are not obligated to pay anything. The only Fee that is charged is a $30.00 Fuel and travel cost if I do not find the lost Item.

Search Types

All types of Jewelry, Rings ,watches or Valuables of any type with a metal base or container , Pipes ,Cables old “steel staked” Property markers just about anything that can be located with a metal detector. searches on Personal property and Any searches on public or Government property would require the permission of the proper owner or authority . Can also perform underwater searches on a case by case basis.

Search Locations

All of North Alabama and middle Tennessee

Rodney Luttrell's Bio

I am just a guy that loves what I do as a hobby and as a service to people that may have lost something very dear to them . I have a “Day Job “ of managing a HVAC&R ( Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ) wholesale supply house. I am Married and God has trusted me with the responsibility of raising our three Grandchildren that keeps me young at heart and my blood pressure balanced. I have been metal detecting and a recreational prospector for about 10 years It is a great hobby and stress reliever that gives me the opportunity to be outdoors, I have also been a Certified S.A.R. , Cave , Night , and Advanced SCUBA Diver for over 20 years. I have the ability , equipment , and positive attitude to help you find what may be a small thing to some but priceless to you.