Teja Berberich

Cost For My Service

There is a $20 call-out fee for fuel expenses and 1 hour of searching; this is charged whether or not the item is recovered.

If the item is recovered, my finder’s fee is on a Reward Basis. You pay what you can afford or what the item is worth to you. I am willing to barter, for goods or services, as payment.

Search Types

Land, Beach and Shallow Water.

Search Locations

Chester County, Delaware County and Lancaster County in Pennsylvania.

Teja Berberich's Bio

I studied electrical engineering and eBusiness; I currently work full-time in the aerospace industry and part-time as a writer. Metal detecting is a fun hobby, which I have turned into a rewarding service.

If you lost an item, please contact me as soon as possible. As time passes, the chance of recovery decreases.